More footpath improvements

Work has started on additional footpath enhancements  on the Estate.

Most of our grounds are on clay and become very boggy in the winter months.  A number of footpath improvements have been carried out in recent years and this week some further additions are being made.

Two new paths are being laid down the slope that leads from the playing fields area into the south eastern corner of the wood, and later this week a new surface will be laid across Rutland Meadow, the open clearing in Ashplats Wood.

EGMEL is in constant dialogue with MSDC about such improvements, and we expect that further improvements will be made in due course.



New footbridge on circular route

EGMEL has been discussing with MSDC ways in which the circular footpath around East Court and Ashplats Wood can be further improved, and this has resulted in the construction of an additional footbridge over an occasional stream near Estcots Drive.

Discussions are ongoing about further improvements, particularly where the route goes around the playing fields.

Tree Management at East Court

Mid January saw some essential tree surgery at East Court on three mature Horse Chestnut trees near the Ambulance Station, which were in an “average to poor” condition. 

Over the past few years several limbs have been shed, some across the road, and as a precaution MSDC have removed these trees. The gap will only be temporary however as an avenue of Lime trees were planted along the access road some years ago to provide succession planting and pre-empting the need for removal of these trees.  The removal of the mature trees will allow the young trees space to grow and establish without their form being spoilt.

SANG funding increases

Mid Sussex District Council collects contributions from new developments in our area which go into a SANG fund to manage some of the aspects of the East Court and Ashplats Wood site. At the last count, this fund had increased by £52,000 so far this fiscal year, bringing the total to nearly £½ million. The money is ring-fenced and invested to make sure it will provide a reliable income stream for the future management of the wood.

School holiday fun

This makeshift camp has appeared in Ashplats Wood in the last few days. No doubt some children have been having a bit of fun in the great outdoors. It looks like they’ve been using fallen branches and have taken their rubbish home with them, so haven’t done any damage to this beautiful Ancient Woodland.

It’s good to see the woods being enjoyed like this, and let’s hope they have some lasting memories of their fun.

Our new logo

At our AGM, in May 2017, our Members voted to change the name of the Company from East Grinstead War Memorial Ltd to East Grinstead Memorial Estate Ltd. This necessitated a review of our logo, and it was decided that it was an opportunity to introduce a graphic which hopefully gave readers a better understanding of what we do.

We are lucky enough to have Mike Barlow, a very talented graphic designer as one of our Members, and he volunteered to come up with something fresh and modern as can be seen above. The 3 mini graphics of a tree, a footballer, and a family walking with a dog are incorporated to demonstrate the breadth of our activities, and the “Since 1949” tag is there to remind readers of our heritage.

We hope you like the new design, and if you’re looking fro a great graphics designer in East Grinstead, contact Mike at or check out his website 

Meeting our Neighbours

We were delighted to welcome more than 60 of our immediate neighbours to a meeting at East Court Manor on the evening off 6th June. For a long time our Company has kept quite a low profile, and we felt it was important to introduce ourselves to our neighbours and to hear what they had to say.

Chris Nunn, our Chairman, gave a short presentation about the Companies history and what it is that we do. He then introduced the Landscape Manager form Mid Sussex District Council, our tenants who manage the Estate on our behalf.

As many of us know, living next door to an Ancient woodland can at the same time be both delightful and frustrating. This meeting though gave a good opportunity to discuss some of the issues and we hope that this dialogue can be continued into the future.

Milestone AGM

Members of our Company gathered together at Chequer Mead in East Grinstead on the evening of 25th May for our Annual General Meeting. As well as the normal business, two Special Resolutions were put before the Members.

For many years there has been a lot of confusion about what it is that our Company does. Not surprisingly, many people thought that we looked after either the War Memorial in the High Street, or the one in the grounds of East Court.  Well, actually we don’t manage either of these two, but what we do own and manage is the major part of the magnificent East Court Estate.

To better describe what our Company does, it was therefore proposed at the AGM that the name of the Company be changed from East Grinstead War Memorial Ltd, to East Grinstead Memorial Estate Ltd, and this was overwhelmingly endorsed by our Members.

Whilst geared up for bringing our Company bang up to date we decided to also tackle our rather antiquated Memorandum and Articles of Association, the document which governs how our Company is run. A totally new version, based on the Government model in the Companies Act 2006, was approved by the Members at the AGM. These can be viewed by clicking the link below:

Articles 2017


The Big Tidy Up

Around 60 volunteers of all ages came along on a sunny Sunday morning on April 9th to help with the Big Tidy Up at East Court, organised by Ashplats Conservation Group. Hundreds of cans, bottles and empty crisp packets were collected, along with a supermarket trolley and a microwave cooker! This annual event is just one of those that ACG organise throughout the year, helping to keep East Court in good order. ACG is supported with an annual grant from East Grinstead War Memorial Ltd