Ashplatts Conservation Group

For Sundays task we continued on the Ghyll Steps, whilst other volunteers removed litter from around the lake. We had 10 volunteers: 6 on the steps, 4 litter pickers. Some left at lunchtime.

We have created new steps about 1/2 way up the slope where a seep line had formed, eroded desire paths were forming around the resulting bog . We’ve also cleaned the drains and created channels to clear the water seeping out of the hillside.

We haven’t finished topping the new steps, the ground under the tray was still too soft to receive the self-bonding layer. We’ve only topped next to the riser, and there is a temporary section of corduroy at the top where its far too wet to do anything. We’ll be finishing this section in May once the drainage has had an effect. We will also widen and re-stake the bottom steps in May.

We’ve noticed the bridge at the bottom of the Ghyll Slope has a rotting upright ( see photo), this will be added to the inspection list.

We had to cut new risers for the extra width, but noticed that the risers we cut originally prepared have been removed…

Rotting Post

East Grinstead Memorial Estate Ltd. Chair

In 1949 Alfred Wagg a merchant banker of the Hermitage, East Grinstead, set up what is now The East Grinstead Memorial Estate Limited as a charitable trust for the benefit of the residents of East Grinstead.

The assets placed in trust comprised the East Court estate and incorporating Ashplats Wood. During the latter part of the 20th Century various parts of the land were sold and the playing fields and Ashplats Wood leased to the Mid Sussex District Council.

The company continues to manage Ashplats Wood in conjunction with the Council in accordance with a detailed Management Agreement and continues to invest all its capital from which annual grants are made to worthy causes in the town and surrounding area.

Request for applications

The Company has a board of 12 Directors and the current chair is intending to stand down after 6 years in the post but continue as Company Secretary.

Accordingly, the board now seek applications for the position of Chair. The successful applicant will reside in the East Grinstead area and will have a strong commitment to the area, an interest in woodland management and would naturally be able to chair Directors Meetings.

Applications with CV’s to closing date 7th June 2021

EGMEL grant to Halsford Park School

We recently got an update on what Halsford Park School has created with the help of a recent grant from EGMEL

We wanted to give you an update on the stage that the East Grinstead Memorial Trust donated money towards in 2020.

Due to the pandemic and school closure, the build of the stage was delayed. However, we are now delighted to inform you that the build did go ahead during the Christmas break. We were able to pool the money with a grant we also received from East Grinstead Lions and build a 5m x 3m stage, meaning that a whole class of 30 children can be on it at the same time.

As we come out of lockdown the outdoor spaces will become a much more integral part of our children’s welfare, it is a key lesson that we have learnt through this terrible pandemic.

The stage has been the catalyst to start our new project to raise approx £45,000 to renovate the outdoor areas at Halsford Park school.

We would like to thank you once again for your support in making the education of the children at Halsford Park a little more enriched, you will of course be receiving our new application in the coming weeks.  We wish you all the best and if we can be of any help to the East Grinstead Memorial Trust please do not hesitate to contact us.

Rebecca Smith and Claire Winslade