Trefoil Guild Centenary Nature Trail

There are 16 posts placed around the grounds of East Court & in Ashplats Wood, situated near paths.
Each post is topped by a brass plaque depicting birds, flowers, animals and local places of interest.
Why not collect a bag of paper and crayons from the Town Council office at East Court or the Tourist Office in East Grinstead Library and ‘brass rub’ the images, so that you can take them home.
You may even be lucky enough to spot some of the flowers or creatures depicted on the plaques as you walk round.
The first post is on the Meridian Line, which passes through the grounds of East Court mansion. This is an opportunity for you to stand in both the Eastern and Western Hemispheres at the same time.
Please use the Trail as often and however you like.
Enjoy yourselves and have fun !
A version of the trail can be downloaded here or a paper copy obtained from the Town Council office.

How to make a Brass Rubbing

Cover the plaque on the top of each post with a sheet of paper.

  • Hold the paper firmly in place and rub your crayon over the top of the paper.
  • Hey presto, a picture will appear !
  • Can you collect all 16 pictures ?

Other ways to use the Trail

  • Who can be the first to find out which pictures are on posts 3, 10 and 14 ?
  • Which number posts display bird pictures ? (there are 4 of them)
  • How quickly can you run / jog / walk round all 16 posts of the Trail ?
  • Which post has a picture of the Bluebell Railway on it ?

Please use the Trail as much and however you like.

Enjoy yourselves and have FUN !

Don’t forget the Country Code as you follow the Nature Trail !

  • Be safe, plan ahead and follow any signs.
  • Protect plants and animals and take your litter home.
  • Keep dogs under close control.
  • Consider other people.

(The full Country Code can be found on the internet:

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