Strategically employed to support and enhance the cherished amenities provided to the public.

A portion of the land, equivalent to 100 acres or 40 hectares, is open to the public, providing a valuable outdoor amenity for local residents. This charitable endeavour was established in the wake of World War II with the noble purpose of offering a natural retreat to the community.

The Charity Directors, responsible for its stewardship and decision-making, are drawn from the local community, ensuring that the management aligns closely with the needs and interests of the residents. The Estate also actively manages it’s assets which are strategically employed to support and enhance the cherished amenities provided to the public.

The Estate enjoys a coveted status as a Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace, further highlighting its value as a natural haven within the community. The woods within this area have earned recognition as a Site of Nature Conservation Importance, underscoring their ecological significance. Moreover, this natural gem is a proud part of the Ancient Woodland Inventory, bearing testament to its historical and environmental importance.

Since 1949, it has been open to the public, providing generations with a cherished space to connect with nature and enjoy its serene beauty.

In the first instance, East Grinstead War Memorial Ltd aims to meet its twin objectives of providing and encouraging recreational and leisure activities in East Grinstead by leasing out areas of our Estate to organisations who specialise in this.

An area of land near the Holtye Road is leased to East Grinstead Target Shooting Club and an adjacent area is home to East Grinstead Town Football Club.

The majority of the remainder of the Estate is leased to Mid Sussex District Council who provide open recreational space and football pitches and who also maintain Ashplats Wood, an Ancient Woodland and part of the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty which is open for all to enjoy.  Ashplats Conservation Group help manage the woodland.

Whilst our income is relatively small, we also make annual grants to various organisations. See our Grants page for the latest grants awarded and how your organisation might apply.

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