Ashplatts Conservation Group

For Sundays task we continued on the Ghyll Steps, whilst other volunteers removed litter from around the lake. We had 10 volunteers: 6 on the steps, 4 litter pickers. Some left at lunchtime.

We have created new steps about 1/2 way up the slope where a seep line had formed, eroded desire paths were forming around the resulting bog . We’ve also cleaned the drains and created channels to clear the water seeping out of the hillside.

We haven’t finished topping the new steps, the ground under the tray was still too soft to receive the self-bonding layer. We’ve only topped next to the riser, and there is a temporary section of corduroy at the top where its far too wet to do anything. We’ll be finishing this section in May once the drainage has had an effect. We will also widen and re-stake the bottom steps in May.

We’ve noticed the bridge at the bottom of the Ghyll Slope has a rotting upright ( see photo), this will be added to the inspection list.

We had to cut new risers for the extra width, but noticed that the risers we cut originally prepared have been removed…

Rotting Post
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