Our new logo

At our AGM, in May 2017, our Members voted to change the name of the Company from East Grinstead War Memorial Ltd to East Grinstead Memorial Estate Ltd. This necessitated a review of our logo, and it was decided that it was an opportunity to introduce a graphic which hopefully gave readers a better understanding of what we do.

We are lucky enough to have Mike Barlow, a very talented graphic designer as one of our Members, and he volunteered to come up with something fresh and modern as can be seen above. The 3 mini graphics of a tree, a footballer, and a family walking with a dog are incorporated to demonstrate the breadth of our activities, and the “Since 1949” tag is there to remind readers of our heritage.

We hope you like the new design, and if you’re looking fro a great graphics designer in East Grinstead, contact Mike at mike@micreative.com or check out his website www.micreative.com 

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