At a fairly heated Annual General Meeting on 5th August, the members of East Grinstead War Memorial Ltd re-elected Chris Nunn as the Company Chairman. Over 60 Members gathered in the Theatre at Chequer Mead, with a wide spectrum of opinions voiced as how best to manage the East Court & Ashplats Wood Estate in coming years. Some members are very sceptical about Mid Sussex District Council’s commitment about fulfilling the conditions of their tenancy of this important “green jewel” in the centre of East Grinstead. No consensus was reached at the meeting, but Chris Nunn committed to try and reconcile the views of all Members within the Charity by finding a common way forward. He also assured the members that the pressure would be kept on MSDC to deliver their commitments under the terms of the lease.

Full list of elected officers following the AGM is:

Chairman Christopher Nunn
Vice Chairman Graeme Stagg

Members of the Council of Management
Shirley Baker
Nigel Davis
Anthony Fisher
Mike Funnell
Lynn Graysmark
Tanya Hayman
Melvin Philips
Christopher Russell
Dick Sweatman
Peter Thurlow
Denis Yeoman
John Younger

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