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At the first full Council Meeting of the newly elected Board on 30th September, various responsibilities were agreed:

As well as taking the Chair, Chris Nunn would continue to look after Membership – possibly introducing a web-based system in future to cope with our large membership base.

Graeme Stagg, as well as his Vice Chairman role, agreed to look after our Insurances

Nigel Davis was unanimously elected as our Treasurer and has already made moves towards electronic records and banking processes

Melvin Philips & Shirley Baker agreed to take responsibility for our Property portfolio, and Mike Funnell and Denis Yeoman will be managing the Lake project.

Peter Thurlow will join Chris Nunn and Tanya Hayman representing the Company at the East Court Steering Meeting with MSDC, and Chris Russell & Lynn Graysmark will be managing our Grants process

In addition, Anthony Fisher agreed to track down the past records of the Company, so that future generations can better understand our history.

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