Inauguration of Information signs at Ashplats Wood

Ashplats Wood, the Ancient Woodland that borders East Court close to the heart of East Grinstead, is perhaps one of the towns best kept secrets. However, a collaboration between East Grinstead War Memorial Ltd, Ashplats Conservation Group, and Mid Sussex District Council, has been working to remedy this, by installing new Information Boards around the Wood.

On Monday, Town Mayor, Liz Bennett cut a red ribbon on one of the new Boards to mark them as being “open for business”. The central feature of the Boards is a user-friendly map which will help newcomers navigate around the Wood and perhaps explore a bit further than they would otherwise do. Around the map, several storyboards and illustrations inform people what they can look out for when out for a walk and explain some of the history of this Wood which has been actively managed for at least 400 years.

Mayor Bennett said at the ceremony that she was delighted to mark this inauguration in such a way and hoped that both residents of, and visitors to, East Grinstead would take advantage of the information provided and enjoy the wonderful amenity that Ashplats Wood represented.

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