Management Plan in Action

Following many months of discussion between East Grinstead War Memorial Ltd and Mid Sussex District Council, the Management Plan for the East Court Estate was signed off in December 2016. This Plan provides a framework for the management of the Estate over the next 10 years, and regulates which costs come out of which budget. You can view a copy on the MSDC website.

The Plan has started to come to life in March this year, as linear coppicing has now commenced along McIndoe Walk, around Rutland Meadow, and up the Ghyll steps (see photo). Whilst at first sight this may seem a destructive process, in fact it is designed, by rotation, to let more light into parts of the wood, thereby encouraging the growth of wild flowers and other flora. Some of the brash and timber will be removed, but most will be left to rot on the woodland floor to form habitats for bugs and other creatures. This process will be carried out every winter in different parts of the wood, allowing regeneration in turn.

EGWML has worked closely with MSDC to ensure the contractors work sympathetically with the woodland and minimising damage with any vehicles.

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